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Pond Supplies in Worthing & Sussex

Simply Pondz LTD Online Shop is a pond equipment supplies company based in Worthing, West Sussex, selling only quality products at affordable prices to customers locally and across the UK.

Our main business has been operating for many years specialising in pond construction and maintenance to supplying and installing equipment to domestic and commercial clients in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

It only made sense to start selling online and to pass on our discounts to our customers.

We know which products work and we know how easy pond keeping can be if done correctly. Let us help you get it right the first time.

AquaMax ECO Titanium Pumps Oase Pond Jet Eco Floating Fountain Aquamax Eco Premium solid handling waterfall/filter pump Blagdon Force-Hybrid solid handling waterfall/filter pump Pond One StingRay Solid Handling Pump

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Pumps for all occasions

Our selection of quality pumps will cater for all pond types. From small water features to large koi ponds. Get in touch to see which one will be best for you.

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Bitron UV System Evolution Aqua UV Systems Pond Clear UV Light Filters Pro Clear Ultima 30w & 55w Pro-Pond 110w

Crystal clear

Goodbye green water

Not just any UV light will do. Make sure its the correct size for your pond, get in touch so we can help you combat green water once and for all.

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Don't waste your money

Size does matter

Skimping on filtration will cost you more in the long run, go big. 


Blanket Weed?

Experiencing problems with this pesky algae, don't worry you are not alone.

There are many treatments on the market which we have tried, trust us not all of them work. 

We use Cloverleaf Blanket Answer year in and year out. It is so effective we will not stock any other brand, even with better margins.

Depending on the severity of blanket weed present, you will need to remove as much as possible before using any treatment. 

If blanket weed has taken over, we would recommend a full drain and clean to remove completely, followed by a course of treatment to keep it away.

If you cannot drain and clean your pond yourself, get in touch for a price.

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Green Water?

We love the warm sunshine, so does green water! 

Microscopic algae cells sunspended in the water simply bloom and go crazy when the sun comes out. It can turn sparkling water into a green mess.

The simplest and best way to combat this problem is with correct size filter with a suitable UV.

The UV will clump the algae togather into a larger form so it gets caught in the filter and keeps out of your pond.

Please do not use a "green water treatment" they do not work properly and are a waste of money. Through the years you could have probably bought a few UV filters with the amount of money spent on treatments.

UVC filters are the way to go.

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Dirty or Brown Water?

Dirty or brown water is cause from sediment suspended in the water.

This is usually from silt building up over time with a mixture of broken down leaves & debris, soil, fish waste etc. 

If havent got a filter, then get one. If you have a filter then you may find that it isn't big enough for the job.

However before installing a filter it is important to try and find out the severity of the silt present. 

You can run a fine mesh net in the bottom of the pond or deepest area. When you bring it up to the surface and is fairly clean, a decent filter system should then help to remove the rest.

If you bring it up and its heavy with sediment, this would need to be removed before any filter is fitted. Even the biggest filters on the market couldnt tackle that amount.

Ideally a full drain and clean is required, then with the correct system and maintenance, brown water will be a thing of the past.

If unable to clean your pond yourself, get in touch!

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