About Us

Sussex Pond Supplies is a pond equipment supplies company based in Worthing, West Sussex, selling only quality products at affordable prices to customers locally and across the UK.

We have been operating for many years now serving the needs of both domestic and commercial clients in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

Through this time we have gained valuable experience and knowledge in the vast arrays of products that are currently available on the market, some which work and which do not.

We have also developed healthy relationships with our own suppliers and we are looking to pass our discounts to our customers, new and existing.

How can we help:

Majority of shops either online or local, do not have much or any experience on what the product actually does for the customer once they have sold it. We get calls all year round where our client has bought a product thinking it will do the job however the seller has missed out one big fact, the actual cause of the problem.


Customer: My pond is about 4000 litres, I have just moved into a house and my water is really green.

Shop: Ok fine you need to buy this pump & filter system which will cater for a 4000 litre pond.


The first issue is that majority of old ponds will have a substantial amount of debris present which even the most expensive filter could not remove. For best results the pond would need to be drained and cleaned first to remove the thick debris.

The second issue is that even if the pond was recently cleaned or newly built, a 4000 litre filter will only filter a 4000 litre indoor pond without fish. As soon as you bring fish, sunlight, debris such leave etc, your filter will struggle and will soon become a problem..

The bottom line is that sometimes you can't just take what is says on the box and you need to read in-between the lines which is what we excel at. All ponds are different, get in touch with us today on free phone 0800 689 1408 to see how we can help you.