Biotec ScreenMatic Smart Pond Filters

by Oase

Oase ScreenMatic2

Oase, one of our favourite pond manufactures in the pond industry who offer premium products that actually work. These filters are a serious bit of kit and can handle a serious amount of water.

There are 4 models available to cater for different size ponds:


Each Biotec Screenmatic allows the easy adjustment of the flow speed which can be adjusted as individual via a function controller attached to the water distributor on the Screenex.
The Screenmatic system itself can be folded up and out of the way at a 90 degree angle to the filter box, providing your with free access to the filter sponges on those occasions when the filter finally needs cleaning after long periods of zero-maintenance when compared to other filters.

The Oase Screenmatics are also fitted with a sludge drain outlet, operated by an internal slide valve making it easy to drain the filter of unwanted sludge, and the filters themselves can be recessed into the ground by two thirds of its depth therefore making it easier to disguise in your garden.

Mechanical cleaning

Featuring a specially designed sieve, the "Screenex", it retains all debris particles up to a size of 500 micron, which are then pumped into the main body of the filter. The water then flows back through a special matt where it is enriched with oxygen, and falls into the chamber below, flowing through the filter zones and becoming cleaner, then reaching the next filter chamber. Adjustable cleaning automation controls the belt, depending on the degree of pollution indicated on the LED diplay. They have a new and improved water distributor without the danger of clogging. It has a new sludge basket that holds more waster for longer periods with better handling.

Biological Cleaning

The nitrosomonas and nitrobacter bacteria present in your pond water settle and multiply in the oxygen rich filter zones (blue sponges) and in the oxygen poor zones (red sponges). Using various natural biological processes they convert toxic ammonium/ammonia via nitrite to nitrate and finally to gaseous nitrogen, riding your pond of these harmful toxins and keeping your water quality at its' best. The individual chamber situated just in front of the outlet, is called "individual" because every consumer has the choice of which filter material to insert, giving you the opportunity to focus your Biotec's filtration on a particular element in your pond water. The chamber is equipped as standard with Zeolite unless you choose to change it.

Long service life

With the Screenex filter process happening prior to the actual filtration, many coarse particles are removed from circulation and only lightly polluted water actually reaches the filter sponges. This makes a longer than average cleaning interval possible and now comes with a manual cleaning brush for occasional use.

Unique Advantages with the 40000, 60000 & 90000 flow-through filters Screenmatic enables the Biotec to remove coarse debris from the pond in a manner that is even easier and safer.

BioTec Screenmatic2 40000:

•Dimensions: 788 x 590 x 445mm (L x W x H)
•Suitable for Ponds up to max: 40,000 litres
•Suitable for Ponds with fish (no koi): 20,000 litres
•Suitable for Ponds with koi: 10,000 litres
•Min. Flow Rate: 4,000 l/h
•Max. Flow Rate: 9,000 l/h
•Guarantee: 3 years

BioTec Screenmatic2 60000:

•Dimensions: 788 x 590 x 545mm (L x W x H)
•Suitable for Ponds up to max: 60,000 litres
•Suitable for Ponds with fish (no koi): 30,000 litres
•Suitable for Ponds with koi: 15,000 litres
•Min. Flow Rate: 6,000 l/h
•Max. Flow Rate: 11,000 l/h
•Guarantee: 3 years

BioTec Screenmatic2 90000:

•Dimensions: 788 x 590 x 645mm (L x W x H)
•Net Weight - 27KG
•Suitable for Ponds up to max: 90,000 litres
•Suitable for Ponds with fish (no koi): 45,000 litres
•Suitable for Ponds with koi: 22,500 litres
•Min. Flow Rate: 8,000 l/h
•Max. Flow Rate: 12,500 l/h
•Guarantee: 3 years

BioTec Screenmatic2 140000:
•Dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 760mm (L x W x H)
•Suitable for Ponds up to max: 140,000 litres
•Suitable for Ponds with fish (no koi): 70,000 litres
•Suitable for Ponds with koi: 35,000 litres
•Min. Flow Rate: 8,000 l/h
•Max. Flow Rate: 17,500 l/h
•Guarantee: 3 years