Blagdon Force-Hybrid solid handling waterfall/filter pump

by Blagdon
Flow rate
The Blagdon Force Hybrid pond pump has been designed to use in conjunction with a pond filter to ensure that your pond is beautifully clear and clean. Using the very best materials and components, this sturdy unit is both energy and cost effective, whilst still producing impressive results.

It can also be used with other equipment or to direct water to a waterfall or other water feature. The steady and reliable pump delivers a great flow rate whichever model you choose. Every model delivers an excellent water height; the 16,000 model can deliver a water head of 5.5 metres.

This filter pump has a unique feature. The Hybrid has a changeable intake system which can be switched from Normal Mode (which intakes from the whole pump) or Sludge Removal Mode, which takes water from the bottom of the pump - clearing sludge and waste from the floor of the pond.

The efficient pump can handle solid matter up to 8mm in size, so it's ideal to use in an active healthy pond. Each Force-Hybrid comes complete with a convenient hosetail inline ball valve which allows for easy and versatile control of the water flow. 10m of power cable is also included.