Clear Pond 7 Stage Filter

by Oasis
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Oasis Clear Pond filters are designed to fully cleanse the water in your pond using a combination of Ultra Violet light and filter media. Both mechanical and biological filtration ensures that physical and chemical pollutants are removed from the water.

Great value for money, the Oasis Clear Pond Filter Systems feature a powerful UVC to ensure green water elimination. When your pond water passes in front on the UV light, it becomes fused to other algae particles, allowing it to be collected by the mechanical components of the filter, and then destroyed by the biological agents within it.

Filter brushes provide mechanical filtration to remove grime, algae particles and other waste from the water. The brushes keep out sludge and larger pieces of dirt, prolonging the life of the rest of the media and components in your filter. They can be cleaned using a hose pipe as needed.

The water then passes through under the filter and up through filter foams. Any smaller particles of waste are contained in the foams, so any detritus that escapes the brushes is caught easily.

The water flows up through the blue foams and over into a central chamber. Here fine, coarse and medium grade foams trap tiny scraps of grime and waste, the design of the foams ensures maximum exposure to the media. before the water falls into the biological media beneath. Flocor media provides a large surface area for bacterial colonies to spread. They work to breakdown nitrites, turning them into nitrates which are naturally absorbed by plants. Fresh clean water then leaves the filter via two outlet pipes.

Maintenance is easy. Simply turn the Sludge Valve on the base of the unit to release dirty water and waste from the base of the filter. A hose can be attached to another valve to fill the unit with water for a thorough clean. Ensure that the pump is turned off before performing routine maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Combined UVC
  • Multi Chamber Design
  • Media included
  • Biological Filtration
  • Overflow function in case of blockages
  • Back Flush
  • Creates a clean, clear, healthy pond

Technical Data:

Clear Pond 18:

  • Size: 46 x 30 x 41cm.
  • Low Fish Stock: 15000ltr/3300gals.
  • High Fish Stock: 6000ltr/1300gals.
  • Max Flow: 3000ltr/660gals.
  • Inlet Size: 19-38mm/¾-1½inch.
  • Outlet Size: 50mm/2inch (fits Poly Pipe push-fit waste, not supplied)
  • UVC: 18watts.

Clear Pond 25:

  • Size: 54 x 40 x 39cm.
  • Low Fish Stock: 25000ltr/5500gals.
  • High Fish Stock: 12500ltr/2750gals.
  • Max Flow: 4800ltr/1060gals.
  • Inlet Size: 19-38mm/¾-1½inch.
  • Outlet Size: 2x 50mm/2inch (fits Poly Pipe push-fit waste, not supplied)
  • UVC: 25watts.

Clear Pond 50:

  • Size: 64 x 46 x 49cm.
  • Low Fish Stock: 40000ltr/8800gals.
  • High Fish Stock: 18000ltr/4000gals.
  • Max Flow: 9000ltr/2000gals.
  • Inlet Size: 19-32mm/¾-1½inch.
  • Outlet Size: 2x 50mm/2inch (fits Poly Pipe push-fit waste, not supplied)
  • UVC: 50watts.

Clear Pond 80:

  • Size: 78 x 58 x 69cm.
  • Low Fish Stock: 50000ltr/11000gals.
  • High Fish Stock: 25000ltr/5000gals.
  • Max Flow: 11250ltr/2500gals.
  • Inlet Size: 19-32mm/¾-1½inch.
  • Outlet Size: 2x 50mm/2inch (fits Poly Pipe push-fit waste, not supplied)
  • UVC: 80watts

Please note:
this filter comes with a 1.5" PVC solvent weld gate valve on the sludge drain, finishing in a multistepped hosetail to connect standard flexible pond hose. However, the solvent cement adhesive required to assemble these elements is NOT included.