Large Pond Combo Kit - Filter, Pump & UV

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Large Pond Combo Kit - Filter, Pump & UV

Looking for a low maintenance filter, high powered UV and solid handling pump to tackle your large pond with ease, look no further.

The filter is super easy to clean and can be cleaned in literally under 20 seconds without having to take anything out. Simply switch off your pump, squeeze up and down on the filter handles so all the dirt stays in the main chamber, then open up the waste drain.

Providing this system is the correct size for your pond (unsure you can check here) the UV will guarantee crystal clear water with a massive 55w Ultra Violet Output. You can say goodbye to green water for good.

The pump has a whopping 11000 litre per hour motor to keep your water flow moving through your filter and your pond. It is also a solid handling pump so maintenance is also low which will handle solids up to 8mm.

Pipework Recommendations:

From pump to UV and UV to filter: 38mm or 1 1/2 flexi pipe

From Filter to Pond: Oase 3" outlet pipe DN75

What's included?

Oase Biosmart 36000 Filter System

Proclear Ultima TMC 55w High Power UV

Oase Pondomax 11000 Pump

Oase Biosmart 36000

The Oase BioSmart 36000 (formally known as the Biotec 10.1) is a top of the range mechanical and biological filtration system for your pond. It is a flow-through filter, meaning that is has many advantages including the rich supply of oxygen to your water.

There are many factors that can increase the toxin levels in your pond, including excess fish food, fish excrement and decaying vegetation, all of which need to be dealt with efficiently to stop your pond water from becoming a toxic environment for your fish. Without the adequate filtration provided by a great filter like the Biosmart 36000, the consequences of these toxins are often algae growth and murky ponds which can lead to fish and plant death.

Biological cleaning

The BioSmart 36000 is a supremely active biological filter. Your unhealthy pond water is fed into the filter system (preferably with the help of an Aquamax filter pump to optimise efficiency) filter surfaces of the biological media trap the large pollution particles.

A perfect surface for large cultures of nitrifying bacteria, the filter media in the Biotec has a larger surface area, allowing the filter to remove more ammonia and nitrites from your water, leaving you with healthier water.

Easy cleaning - Systematically

All the filter foams in this filter are suspended. This means that when they require cleaning they can simply be squeezed against the intermediate plate with the help of the cleaning lever, keeping your hands cleaner. The integrated waste outlet can then be opened for the dirty water to drain out.

Very important:

Enough oxygen is present in the filter at all times, to ensure that there is enough oxygen in the water, your pond water always enters through a nozzle based on the venturi principle, causing richer oxygenation levels that help your fish and plants as well as the beneficial bacteria in the filter, making it more effective.

Furthermore, the Biotec's features an external connection for an aeration pump (Aqua-Oxy) for extra oxygentation, making it particularly useful in hot weather when a pond can suffer from a lack of oxygen

The in-built thermometer displays the current water temperature too, and in autumn it indicates when the filter can be dismantled for safe storage over winter (Water temperatures below 6°C).

This is an Oase product, and like all the kit in their pond-care range, each unit is made from high quality materials and with precise construction techniques.

Key Features:

  • Three year guarantee
  • Fish waste, debris and food remnants are quickly decomposed
  • Healthy pond climate thanks to clear, algae-free, oxygen-rich water
  • Special filter sponges (red and blue) for highly effective nitrification and de-nitrification (green)
  • Overflow display at the intermediate lid indicates when maintenance is required
  • Cleaning via the sludge drain by simply pulling the integrated slide valve
  • Pollution indicator and thermometer for monitoring the water temperature
  • Additional connector for adding oxygen via external aerator pumps (AquaOxy)
  • High-quality materials in a functional design

Technical Information:

BioSmart 36000

  • Dimensions: 767 x 555 x 408mm (L x W x H)
  • Net Weight - 10.70KG
  • Number of Blue Filter Foams: 4
  • Number of Black Filter Foams: 4
  • Number of Green Filter Foams: 1
  • Suitable for Ponds up to max: 36,000 litres
  • Suitable for Ponds with fish (no koi): 18,000 litres
  • Suitable for Ponds with koi: 9,000 litres

The TMC Pro Clear

The TMC Pro Clear is a step up from most garden pond UVCs. Incredibily efficient, it forces free-floating algae particles to fuse together, allowing them to be collected and destroyed by your biological filter, rather than just pass through it unchecked. With a three year guarantee, this unit is durable, safe and gets the best results.

Easy to position either on its base on a suitable flat surface TMC Pro Clear units are designed to be positioned either on its base, on a suitable flat surface, or attached horizontally to a vertical surface using the brackets provided, this professional standard UV clarifier will actively and efficiently remove the green water tinge to your pond by destroying free floating algae particles.

Each on is supplied with dual inlet/outlet fittings allowing your Pro Clear to be fitted in the most convenient position available, giving you more control over your filtration systems and the overall look of your pond.

Exposure to UV light causes the algae in your pond to fuse together and be collected by your filter media in your main filter box, something it struggles to do without the aid of UVC like this TMC Pro Clear.

Pro Clear UV55:

Is suitable for heavily stocked ponds of up to 5,500 imp. gallons (25000 litres) with a maximum flow rate of 4,000 imp. gallons (18,000 litres) per hour.

Replacement bulb: 55w T8 UV

At a glance:

  • Three year guarantee

  • Rigid construction

  • Fitted with five metres of cable

  • Uses compact, high powered UV

  • Large 1.5" intlets / outlets for minimum loss of flow

  • Hose size required is 1 1/2" 

Oase Pondomax 11000 Pump

This Pontec PondoMax Pond Filter Pump, is great for use with your filter as well as being used to create a spectacular watercourse or waterfall. They are energy efficient making them an even better buy! They come with a 3 year guarantee.

The Pontec PondoMax Pumps come from the same factory as Oase products, so they come with great German engineering. New for 2018 a new model, the 3500 joins the range. See the performance table for details.

Suitable for handling solids up to 4-8mm.

They also include a thermal cut off switch.

10m Cable

Key Features

Energy-efficient pumps
Perfect for Watercourses or Filtration Systems
Suitable for solid handling of particles up to 4 - 8 mm
Stepped hose adapter for ease of installation
Built-in thermal cut-off switch to prevent overheating
German engineered with a 3 year guarantee

All models come with a multistage hose tail adaptor to fit ¾'', 1'', 1¼'', 1½'' hose (19mm, 25mm, 32mm and 38mm )

This kit is ideal for large ponds up to 36000 litres. With mixed ornamental fish like goldfish etc, this will cater for 18000 litres or 9000 litres with Koi.