Oase Pond Jet Eco Floating Fountain

by Oase
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Oase Pond Jet Eco

The Oase PondJet Eco Floating Fountains are a popular choice, thanks to the high quality and outstanding performance.

As the pump floats there are no limitations to the fountain height that an installed unit can present. This also makes it ideal for short term use such as parties or corporate events.

However it can also be used long term, simply place in the water! This pump can handle around 12,000 litres per hour, so you can be confident of the very best results.

Made to impress

Show off your stunning pond to your friends and family with this fantastic pond or lake fountain that will not break the bank.

Easy to install and with low running costs make this fountain a must not only for its looks but also for the benefit of water aeration and circulation.

This fountain also has variable speeds to create different effects for the extra wow factor.

Night time magic

The fun doesn't stop there! You can also incorate LED or Halogen lights directly onto your fountain.

If you thought this fountain looks amazing during the day well you will certainly be even more impressed when the sun goes down.

The fountain and light kit really does compliment your pond and certainly adds that extra "pazzaz" to your property.

Multi Speed Functionality

The Pump is fitted with a toggle switch that will allow the user to select either the full 3m high, 3m diameter fountain display or the alternating pre-set program which causes the water display to rise and fall, creating a dynamic pattern. 

The dancing display will also save on running power consumption compared to the predecessor model's (Pond Jet Classic) fixed water display, consuming 60% less power (an average of 105 watts saving).

Tec Specs

Useful information

The Pond Jet ECO will require a minimum water depth of 1 metre (3ft) in clear water or 1.5 metres in silted water.

The fountain is supplied with 20 metres of 230 Volt electrical cable and the float comes complete with anchoring points for securing to the pond or lake floor.

Plus for peace of mind each has a 3 year guarantee, so you can be sure of fantastic performance year on year.