PondoVac 4

by Oase
Pondovac 4

Oase Pondovac 4

The new model PondoVac 4 has been developed by OASE Engineers in Germany to provide continuous vacuum cleaning in garden ponds, fish ponds, swim ponds and swimming pools.

Pure Power

Looking for a machine to solve your pond or swimming pool maintenance needs?

Then look no further. The Pondovac 4 is a sludge busting, silt eating, leaf sucking machine. It is multi chambered like it's predecessor the Pondovac 3 however it is much more powerful and provides continuous suction over a long period of time.

The Pondovac 4 requires minimal maintenance and can suck up the usual pond mess with ease.

Do you have a swimming pool? This machine is superb for this type of work aswell.

The powerful 1700 watt motor can extract pond debris from a depth of 2.4 metres (around 8ft) . The innovative twin chamber system allows the pond vac to continuously clean without stop/start disruption.

 A Pond Cleaning Essential

The Pondovac 4 is so good, we would not be able to trade without it. What is even better, it does not break the bank.

This machine is an absolute must and which we use ourselves day in and day out.

When all large debris, plants and other items are out of the way, its time for this vacuum to do what it does best.

You can rely on this machine for a professional, mess free finish.

Full Range Of Accessories

The OASE Pond Vac 4 is also supplied with robust aluminium extension pieces, sludge collection bag, accessory tidy and an array of nozzle attachments.

Pondovac accessories

The fine mesh sludge bag can be connected to the supplied 2.5m long discharge hose and placed over the edge of the pond or swimming pool.

This allows larger particles of 1mm or greater to be harvested in the collection bag whilst the water returns back to the pond.

Dual Chamber System

Two same-size cylinders are filled and emptied in alternating cycles. Thus, non-stop vacuuming is enabled.

Dual chamber

Hand Regulator

For adjusting the suction power, for example in shallow water. Likewise, it also enables intermittent back flushing of clogged nozzles.

Easy transportation

Fast and convenient transport to the pond site via the adjustable and ergonomic handle.

Aluminium suction tubes

Everything is under control thanks to torsion-resistant aluminium suction tube. You can exert more pressure, especially when using the brush nozzles.

Blanket weed nozzle

This attachment is fantastic for removing blanketweed and clumps of algae from the surface of your pond.

Waste discharge hose

All the water that is released from the PondoVac 4 comes out of a discharge hose. Place it in your flower beds and pond waste is great for the garden.

Useful Information:

Dimensions (l x W x H) : 380 x 415 x 685 mm
Rated Voltage : 230 V / 50 Hz
Power Consumption: 1700 Watts
Power Cable Length: 4.00 Metres
Net Weight: 13.06 Kilograms
Guarantee: 2 &1 Years
Water Depth Max: 2.40 Metres
Length Of Suction Hose: 5.00 Metres
Length Of Discharge Hose: 2.50 Metres