PondoVac Classic

by Oase
Pondovac Classic

The OASE PondoVac Classic is a highly practical Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner for small and medium ponds, swimming pools and household use.  This effective sludge vacuum features a powerful 1400 watt motor and includes Intelligent technology which recognizes when the tank is full and turns the motor off automatically – switching on again when the sludge container has emptied itself. 

The pond vac can collect sludge and leaf debris in the 27 litre container.  The unit is supplied with 4 suction nozzles including a crevice nozzle for awkward areas, algae removal nozzle, flat nozzle with rubber lip for pond or swimming pool floors and a special adjustable sludge nozzle which can be altered to collect particles from 2mm to 10mm in size. 

The PondoVac Classic is also supplied with a sludge collection bag and drawstring which can be attached to the dirty water discharge pipe.  The porous sludge bag will then collect larger solid waste such as leaves and fish waste but allow water back into the pond. 

The Vac is capable of removing dirt particles up to 10mm in diameter, making this ideal for algae, silt, dead plants and decomposing leaves.  2 Year OASE guarantee.