Rot Resistant Pond Underlay - 150gsm


Gordon Low Pond Grade Pond Underlay is essential for all flexible pond liner installations regardless of pond size.

Sizes available:

2m x 5m pre pack

2m x 25m roll

Sourced from leading European manufacturers, Gordon Low Pond Liner Underlay is a superior non-woven, mechanically bonded, needle-punched, polypropylene geotextile. Pond Grade Underlay offers exceptionally high performance and provides a highly effective protective barrier between substrate and liner. Pond Underlay helps protect liners from penetration by sharp stones, roots, etc, and also reduces excessive localised stretching of the liner when ground settlement occurs over time.

Using Pond Underlay is a lot easier than using heavy sand, and also ensures protection on the vertical sides of the pond. Sand is very easily penetrated by stones and roots which is why we believe it is fundamental to use pond underlay with all pond liners. Using a pond liner underlay will reduce the chance of any surprise leaks or holes which would require awkward repairs or a even the expensive replacement of the whole pond liner.