Wet Water Sticky Stuff 290ml - Black


Wet Water Sticky Stuff

Leaking pond? Look no further...
This sealant is ideal for all liner type repairs. Simply clean the damaged area, cut a patch of liner bigger than the hole or tear, apply a bead of sealant to your patch and stick your patch over the damaged area. You can fill your pond up straight away as this sealant will cure under water.
Wet Water Sticky Stuff should be applied at a minimum thickness of a pencil for a gasket but thicker if it is joining materials so that it can be spread when the two items meet together. It will take up from 12 to 24 hrs for a full cure, although sealing a non pressure leak etc is virtually instant.
Abrasion resistance
Vibration absorption
Permanently flexible
UV tolerant
Environmentally friendly
Usable under water
Non shrinking
Excellent as a gasket